Making The Worlds First Male Sex Doll: Slutever

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In Slutever, VICE's resident sexpert Karley Sciortino explores the mysterious labyrinth of human sexuality and checks out the various ways that people around the world like to get off. In the premiere episode of Slutever's brand new season, Karley finds herself in the world of life-like custom male sex dolls and meets the team pioneering the perfect plastic fuck buddy for women. Watch Next: The Mormon War on Porn -

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1:02 : ....You're welcome !!
Adan M.P
What's with all the dislikes? Pretty entertaining/ interesting vid imo
Aimee Bender
As a former Victoria's Secret employee, my biggest concern is how her bra doesn't fit her.
Alex Nezhynsky
Wtf is this
Ali V. De Villa
Andy Oakley
i started watching some social experiment vids but i ended up watching a male doll with a huge penis lol
Angela Hamlet
What's the problem? You guys thought it was just for you? Hahaha...
I can only imagine a sjw landwhale using this
Audrianne Giroud
Wow, she really WENT there in the end! That is insane. I never thought she would do that on camera.
Banans Trysmilas
Imagine a human buying a doll male and doll female and just making them have sex lol
Bollywood Media
15:33 WOW
She doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant or catching HIV plus she is in control.
14:00 annnnnndd there goes the revenue . Demonetised!!!!
The same guys who were smirking at and applauding the trend of getting female sex dolls are thumbing down this video because why should women have any fun? Well it is better than a man that rapes, abuses and hurts a wiman.
1:57 and they say homosexuality is a new thing.
Chris Mullan
I had a dull like this one, met another doll and they ran of.
Cindy Smith
Too bad they can't thrust! Lol
Cosmic Baby Demon Otaku
“Down in Tokyo I made out with a Robot , it felt gentle but Robust” \n-Tokyo song lyrics from Studio Killers
Now I can create my perfect boyfriend who won't dump or cheat on me. Bye, real guys!
Deana Winchester
I want to make a music video using one. But also, Detroit become human has made bed reluctant
9 months later, she gave birth to a half human/half rubber baby.
DyløneAriel Rimøng
Why FBI here
Ellis Guerrero
Emily Weirdnez
Lots of bitter guys in the comments lol 😂
Emma McChug
I wonder if gay men also buy male dolls
Fabulous Cthulhu
It's 1 am what am I doing with my life right now?
Ferdz Galvan
Well atleast it doesn't have to take viagra.its peis is always erect.
Fnaf Universe
I'm waiting for the horror movie where the doll wakes up and wanna kill you for what have you done.
Intro song name? Pleasee
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Detroit: become human
Giovanni Striano
Looks pretty interesting to make but really gross to have
Gloria Chatman
Thanks god
Hayward Bomaye
I'll lay there and let you ladies go crazy, won't say a word or blink. Then after I'd want $13,000 cash\n😂😂😂😂👍👍👍
Jamison H
I want one
Joseph Fuller
Those artists do an amazing job. I wonder if these dolls could be used to help people with overactive sex drives or people with socially unacceptable sexual orientations.
Jules Dolan
The only problem is the lack of give-and-take, when they get a AI in a doll, it will be perfect.
Karina Eclair
me: is this gonna be our future??? \n\nrobot man: yes it will \n\n\nme: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Keith Johnson
Why not? Men likes them! Like I said, sex dolls are just bigger and better sex toys! One thing about these men dolls, is they will last longer then 5 minutes! Hahaha!
Kenni Wells
Keyanna Bonton
I want one
Kim Thompson
I HAVE A SERIOUS QUESTION\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003ecan you make one to look like a celeb? Like Elvis Presley or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. JUST Asking for a few friends???? PLEASE respond.
Kimberly Wright
For $13,000 that doll better
Krithika Naidu
are these available in India? I want one too😍
Larry Koopa
The amount of salt some of these guys in the comments have is gold. Most likely the reason why women prefer dolls.
I could see this's getting waaay creepy wait until someone breaks up with there girlfriend they can't deal with it and literally recreate them in doll form.
Lisa Wakelam
I want one.. but it needs to look alien
this is what real gender equality looks like
Markiss Johnson
Jesus Saves!😇
Melina C.boyle
No more men they are being replaced hell yeah.:))
Black Mirror
Michael Doster
Morena G.
Can you put a penis on the forehead? Asking for a friend....lmfao😬😂😂😂😂
SONG ID AT 0:05??
Myah Gundersen
bruh I wanna female doll.
I want one!!! He won't cheat, he won't lie, he won't get jealous n start acting crazy n most Importantly he will always be ready for the next round no matter how many times you've orgasmed !!! That is a Win Win no matter how u look at it! LoL
Nayo Torres
I don't know I feel like if I could spend that much on a doll I would just go try to get the real thing
Neha Agrawal
I love this doll he is satisfying me
Nicole D
It's a really great devlopment like maybe no more prostitution, abuse, hiv and all (and cheating yeah)
Nik Yazikov
That would be the strangest warehouse to break into
Nikhil Sharma
One step towards necrophilia.
The doll maker dude seems like a chill dude
A man gets a doll: he is a looser\nA woman gets a doll: she is independent.
The sad thing is u can’t make it hard
Phanic! And a Sloth at the disco
Well, time to erase my history again
There are so many things we could invest the money for a better world, but no let’s make this place as sick as we can.. honestly sometimes i’m so disgusted with people! Well most of the time🖕🏼
RM Andro
If a womam turns pregnant with a robot?
Rachel Sanders
The secret, of course, is that these male dolls aren't being sold to women; they're being sold to men.
Rairon Maciel
I want a black male sexy doll, right now...
When a doll gets more action than you
Sami '
I really would like to have one, real man make me suffer a lot. But since I am christian I think I cant get one :(
Sandii 4u
So it’s a very expensive dildo
Sofi Lettier
My real concern is: if you had to move to another country, how the hell would you get that thing through airport security?
Sonny Chiba’s mole.
This world is getting weirder by the day.
..ok but the ARTISTIC TECHNIQUE involved is absolutely INCREDBLE.
The Bloodgod 888
The sad thing is that sex dolls for men are only $1000 - $2000\nwhereas dolls for women are $13000
I like how they say these are for women. you know damn well closet republican guys are laying pipe on these things.
Well, here's hoping to less birth rates. Making the sex dolls more human, resulting in less humans. Great!
Twin Team Gamers
What am I watching?
Karley visits Sinthetics, one of the most acclaimed sex doll makers in the industry. Oh and they’re also known for their invention of “the vajankle,” a silicon foot with a vagina built into the ankle, which went viral for obvious reasons.\n\nWATCH NEXT: The Mobile Love Industry -
Veera Virtanen
I think its interesting that the guy dolls can have the tiny inperfections that make them perfectly imperfect, but the girl dolls are usually perfect looking pornographic dolls
Zuri de la Veiga
with these dolls & madame tussaud we're THIS much closer to just combining them with technology & having the perfect androids. and then every sci-fi movie we've ever made where shit goes wrong will happen.
canadian aussie
Why is my head on a doll.....
no one can challenge real creation of God..this man can not speak ..can not look at the eyes of women..can not is not only lust but also love
ebony satin
call me when they get on west world level!
the doll looks like markus from Detroit become human
isn't it like sleeping with a dead person? he just lay there 😐
My name is Connor. I'm the android sent by CyberLife.
maryneil rementizo
I can't bang with this doll it's like your banging with a dead person
ng jason
whats this unrealistic body standard for men??? #stopmenshaming
this is a good idea, no std, no hiv, no cheating, no ageing, girrrl get me a plastic boyfriend too !
rishi Kumar
Here's real man available for ladies
Can I have something like Akira please? But I want him more muscular like Jongkook. Thank you. -dreams-
Unless u drop it on one it ain't gonna kill spiders for u!
Really love the craftsmanship.
i would seriously consider a programmable male doll, because real men are no longer interested in long term relationships, they all want fwb, nsa, or polyamous relationships...they are self centered, emotionally unavailable, cheaters and to scared too share their lives because they are afraid to lose their materials/assets. I
What about the 30% of women who don't orgasm through penetration? Dude needs a workable tongue!
vic m
Whats wrong with this world
victoria Lozi
19K hates this for all of the wrong reasons. If men got one now a woman has one. Pleasure seeking is a good thing.
I wish i could get this even tho i'm 14😂😂