Blind Witness - All alone [added subtitles]

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lyrics:What the fuckIs going on?Am I sleeping maybe sleepwalking?So dizzy by what is happeningI feel like time Has no endingStill don't feel like this is realStill don't know how this makes me feelI can't go back onWait , wait for me don't collapse hunThe clock wants to beat me on arrivalI can't control the game anymoreI'm screaming to know moreI'm screaming to know moreEven here there's no explanationOnly people who want to eradicate my emotionThe wait only kills me moreWhat the fuck is going onIs going onI never wanted it that wayI never planned to make you face this all aloneI'd give you my life to clear your memoryOf this past tragedyNow the only thing I have for you is a promiseThe promise that i'll forever protect youI can't go back onWait, wait for me Don't collapse hunStill don't feel like this is realStill don't know how things makes me feelWHAT THE FUCK!

Blind all alone deathcore g3xp gexp witness yo

A Talentless Idiot
1:51 When you skip the game tutorial even though you never played the game before.
ASCA League
1:51 when you decide to not pause the video 3 seconds after pressing 151 and you realize there's a whole song after those 6 lyrics.
Adam V
1:50 When there is yet another royal wedding in the UK
1:51 WHEN you see north korea gives up nukes
Aries The Ram
1:51 when you landed in Pochinki 5 seconds after everyone else
1:51 is what you type to search this song in youtube :)
When is Monday 1:52
BOVE - Sedat Tüfekci
Ruh halim amına koyim
Beat Highlights
1:51 when you listen to every other part of the song
this is my grandma's favorite song
Big cheesy tattoo
1:51 when you wake up on monday but you think its saturday and your parents wake you up
1:51 When you don't know what's going on
1:51 when bo4 has battle royale
Brendan Ryan
1:51 when the quiet white kid reaches into his backpack
Charlie Taylor
when goku achives UI and all the gods of destruction are like 1:51
1:47 When you nut and she keeps sucking.
Cosplay de Ninja Gaiden
Pretty good song.
When you see your grandma on Pornhub
Davien Clefton
[1:50] When you read all these comments.
Dealer Dealer
When the song became a meme 1:51
1:51 When you just accidentally see furry porn picture and you got weird boner
Donathon Wilkerson
1:51 when you getting some and she's moaning ,but you remember you are home alone
Electro Config
when you see a 1:51 comment
Ethan Dunne
Teacher: *Explains class project for half an hour* Everyone understand?\nMe: Yes.\n\nMe (at home): 1:51
Fiqri Akmanul Ichsan
1:51 me in math class
when you came in the dark room and you see something black has moved so you turn on light and there's black guy 1:51
1:51 What you came here for.
Handsaw [ESK]
1:50 when you pass your grades and actually get into the job you dreamed of
1:51 When you nut for the first time in your life
Idk What
1:51 When you take an exam without knowing anything
1:51 when u scrollin on pornhub and see a vid titled \
Jack Rather Not Say
when you see all these 1:51 comments 1:51
Jelly Jamese
1:51 When you get your period for the first time
If anyone is here from David Dobrik, the time you are looking for is 1:51
Jp Fire
1:51 when you make a clever comment and get 1 like
I feel bad for the drummer's feet lol
KamakaziDaniel 2
1:51 When you are in an Advanced Math Class but you don't know how to Multiply or Divide.
Katy Boulanger
1:51 When u see your crush with someone u hate as HELL
When a creeper blows you up in minecraft. 1:51
Knight Reverend
i love the blast beats in this song
L. L.
1:51 when Windows XP crashes
Life Advice Show
When I get asked out on a date 1:50
Limppu Man
1:51 A white girl's reaction to Starbucks getting closed down.
Liquid Foca
1:51 When you can't figure out how Josuke is cheating
Matt Bell
When you came for meme but stay because shit this is actually pretty good.
Melek Bislimi
1:51 when your girlfriend is cheating on you
When the Uber driver makes a left turn instead of a right 1:51
1:51 When I played CS:GO for the first time...
Monkey Killer
When FBI knocks at your door.\n1:51
1:51 when ves a tu hermana en pornhub
Mr. Meeseeks
1:50\nWhen the teacher tells you that the test was copied off the study guide, but the first question isn’t even from the same unit.
1:51 when youre a freshman during your first week of school
Naomi S
When you start your test 1:51 😂
1:50 when you inflict 99 damage on a enemy in battlefield and he kills you
1:52 When someone introduces you to Pornhub
Parth Mehra
1:52 when you step on a Lego but it doesn't even hurt anymore
PhoeNix Sounds
Roses are red\nViolens Are Blue\nmy girlfriend is 15\nI'm 64\nso why aren't you?
Romeu Cadic
When you are American and they dont shot up the school 1:51
Ross Steel
1:51 When you score a full court shot in basketball and nobody sees it
Serpentchmitt Me 262
1:51 When your light in your room starts to flicker like crazy.
Snehil Rana
Fuckin sick \\m/
Solo_ Steve
when the beat drop in geometry dash 1:50
Sonic The Hedgehog
1:51 every 5 year old when they fall asleep on the couch but wake up in bed
Stenly _7
When you type something and the autocorrector corrects the thing you wrote one thousand times 1:51
Suspicious White Man
1:50 When you were 7 years old and fell asleep on the couch and woke up in your bed.
Swoosh Gaming
When you go to tilted and hear no gun shots 1:50
1:51 when you see a comment about 1:51
Tarang Patil
Roses are red,\nDinosaurs are gone.\nLook in your bed,\n1:51
Isn't it so fitting that the band name is Blind Witness
When T-Series actually beats Pewdiepie 1:51
1:51 when you realise the FBI are watching you through every camera
The Greek Rage
Comment section:\n1% Wow amazing song\n99% 1:51 when...
The Omnipotent Human
1:50 when your whole squad gets downed in 5 seconds and you're the last one standing
1:51 When Blind Witness realized their song became a meme.
1:50 when the rooms splits into two and then everyone smashs like water on rock formally known as the \
1:50 When you have maths lesson in first day of school
Tyler Tyrone
1:50 when you get no likes on a comment
Vaas Montenegro
1:51 that moment when your homies have inside jokes you don't know about
Veton Ademaj
Transition from Deathcore to Metalcore and back to Deathcore.
1:51 when you realise it wasn't a fart
Wildan Muhammad
1:51 opening qorygore
1:51 My Ultimate Custom night experience
a45433 PSN
1:50 When you miss at least 4 math lessons and then return to the school
alicia spencer
When you get banned in fortnite 1:51
I'm only here for the blind kid memes.
chucky wana play
1:51 when my phone dies
When your crippling depression hits 1:49
evil doggo
1:51 when you're at Walmart...on black Friday
fishin gloucester
When u wake up in the hospital 1:51
foxer 12
1:51 when you see your girl friend online dating on roblox
1:51 when someone throws a smoke grenade
kurd product
When you get home to see visitors 1:51
lucky irish
let's be honest, everyone is here for 1:51
my NAme JEff
1:51 when a girl is actually attracted to you
playercheto bg
when you just slept 4 hours before school and the alarm ring.... 1:50
rodrigo batista
when your best friend are whit your girl friend 1:52
sealed death Reaper
that feel when you know what you here for, but yet you read every single comment because you have no friends/life