Blind Witness "Baby One More Notch"

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Blind Witness "Baby One More Notch" off of their album, "Nightmare On Providence Street"

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Blood Crowz
The breakdown is so good i almost cried
this is one of their best songs
Christopher Han
@mexican12forever the original video does have 1 million views.
Connor RK800
Now this is brutap
Dimitris Zotai
Y so few subs?
Eddie Evil
anyone have lyrics to this track?
Glysney Kennedy
Banda foda da porra, mermão! Arregaça tudo! Me lembra uma banda aqui do Brasil, a Project46❤
My brother made me listen to this once, asking me to guess where they came from just by listening to that one song. Didn’t take long to guess they were from Quebec
Yav Yav
Quand les Québécois font du metal ça donne ça et putain que c'est bon !
I didn't want that fucking breakdown to end. did it ever?
Thank you so much for 1080p! I fucking hate terrible quality videos, I do not know why the people that make them even put them up
How the heck does this band not have like a million views,,,,, this band sooo sick!\n
salty john
We are all zombies waiting to die !!!!!!