Western Front - France (1945)

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The final climactic scene from the 2006 movie 'Days of Glory' (original title 'Indigènes'), the story of Algerian soldiers fighting for the French in WW2.

Arabs save France..
Abunurai Shaukyibek
رأئي ان الالمان كانوا أشد احتراما للمسلمين من الفرنسيين وفي يو تيوب يوجد كثير من المقاطع تدل على ذالك بوضوح. ولعل مصداق ما أقول هو ما جرى في فرنسا خلال السنوات الأخيرة حيث منعت الحكومة الفرنسية البنات المسلمات التحجب و أجبرت هن على خلع االحجاب و السفور!!!
Ahmid'ou Miahn Banzillah Dogh'o Issou Chanclasos
Andreas Wilhelm
Immer und immer wieder der gleiche Müll.... die Deutschen kommen und der Amy trifft und trifft und trifft.... super....
Armann Palsson
That terrible Arab music ruins everything in that scene, besides other flaws it just makes it unbearable.
Balázs Fazakas
So these are supposed to be the guys who conquered Europe? Who captured France in no time? Who built tanks that were feared by all over the world? Who had the first Jet-powered aircraft? \nAccurate movie
Ben Kamel Mayssem
the indigeneous , that film was made honoring tunisian , moroccan and algerian soldiers who fought in italy and were famous for their tenacity in Monte Cassino for example and in france and sacrificed themselves while the french army was terrorising their families in north africa .
Black Rain
was für ein SCHWEINKRAM......
Bluemax Bluemax
the same stupid film... where al allied bullet find his target and german bullet no... always the same...
Butt Face
I knew it is some kind of shitty brainless movie when the clip starts with a group of german stay very close together while approaching the village, they're like ' Yeah, let stick together so the enemies could throw a grenade into us and kill us all'.
so unrealistic!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Muslim fought for wrong side ;)
Cemeng Oblo
Please name song Ilove is song
Cédric M
#propaganda thanks to the immigrants from Africa for giving peace in Europe against this fascist Caucasian, just for that we should greet more immigrant for being eternally grateful to them...
جدي الله يرحمو كان في الحرب العالمية الثانية \nجزائري شارك مع القواة الفرنسية ولكن مات في 1961 في ثورة التحريرية \nربي يرحمو
German troops in France in 1945? I don't think so
Debora Melpene
The indigens , nice movie
Djek vodogrei
Пиздеш чистой воды
Ein Patriot
Exzotic Foxyz
4:15 I love how the german soldier is like “I found you” *shot fired* and run like something is after him
Fernando Reyes
Siempre mostrando a los alemanes como estúpidos, cuando la realidad era muy contraria. Tenían mejores tacticas y sólo perdieron por los mayores recursos de los sionistas
Gavno Gavno
Немцы не дураки умели воевать.И стрелять умели!
Geistesblitz garantiert
Bullshit movie, if there would be just a small sense of reality there, the Germans would have killed every single Algerian soldier haha
Gilles Guillaumin
No mistake, it's a movie on heroism by men who were not french. Five years later they fought for indépendance. But then they fought for France 🇫🇷. Let's have respect for them. Allah was with them, they 've been loyal to us.\nIt's one of most awesome movie I ever seen. Respect to those men.
Gummy Gaming
I have no idea why so many people are mad at the germans not being able to kill any of the allies in this video, they all end up dying in the end except one guy so what is the problem?
Hayden Khan
Ez dub
Hendrik NBN
Der Film ist soo respektlos gegenüber den Deutschen Soldaten...😑
Horst Knallzigarre
Yawn , another five against 1000 German and win without losses . Why only the cemeteries in America for the soldiers of the WW2 ?
Ian Cannon
What an absolute waste of life war is!😠😈The crazy thing is, that all these men could be friends and mates! It's only GOVERNMENTS!😠 that send us to war!😠WHAT A DAMNED DISGRACE!😠
Ian Duang
The German soldiers=AI\nThe allied soldiers=Player
it was 1945 you have to look at the state of the german army most were conscripts, no training, nothing, the algerians were vets, IT IS realistic, yall just hating, just shows how deranged modern society is, these guys helped you have a life today smh
Jacob Sartorius
These are Arabs brought by France to participate in the world war by defining Algeria as a French colony
Joaquin Ortiz
Johannes Blank
in fact .... no comment worth
Karl Der Große
Le joueur du dimanche
Vous ne comprenez rien au message de ce film (mais bon, vous y connaissez rien donc c'est de votre faute)... Certes il reprend quelques clichés des films de guerres où les alliés ont munitions illimitées et tuent tout le monde... mais le vrai intérêt de ce film est de mettre en valeur des soldats algériens, marocains (bref des soldats autres que français mais qui ont combattu pour la France) impliqués dans cette guerre. Ces soldats n'ont pas forcément eu le choix que de s'engager pour des raisons diverses. Seulement, des gens comme vous n'ont pas la moindre idée de l'existence de ces Hommes. Donc au lieu de se cantonner à la réalisation du film, approfondissez le sujet. Sortez de vos livres et recherchez la vérité historique, la vraie vérité.
Indigène meilleur film avec jamel debouz
Léonard Lallemand
for those who are asking why the guy with the p38 has suddenly super aiming capacity it's just beacause the actor who's plaing him (he's call Jamel Debouze btw) has a train accident during his childhood and lost one of his arms so during all this movie they managed to not make him not do anything that need both arms exept for this part where a p38 thet we never saw before seems to have teleported hitself on his belt for the final fight so he can shot it instead of the springfield 1903 that he was sling-carrying since the beggining of the movie.\nbtw this movie show very well how poorly equiped the french army was at the time:none of them has a standard issue rifle:\nthe corrporal has a MAS 36 the marksman has a scoped kar 98 and the guy with british helmet has a tommy gun.
Why... are.. there... no... realistic... films ?
no war no war no war....... why alway the human like kill each other!
2:42 me when I come back from school
Marcílio Soares
Música árabe não tem nada haver com época e o filme.
Does the guy with the Thompson have the unlimited ammo cheat!?!?
ضحكو علينا الفرنسين الخنازير جعلو العرب تجارب
Mr. Castle Lover
what movie\nAny one help? \nSauce?
Nialen Capefet
Who would win? The Wehrmacht, or the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers? It would be a very long fight, since neither can shoot. I guess they would run out of bullets eventually, then it would be finished by a big fist fight (the germans had some melee weapons, while the stormtroopers have armor, but considering that even stone axes can penetrate it, I think that doesn't really matter). But the stormtroopers are still americans, and the germans suck in melee fights against americans (as everybody else does, at least in movies).
I'love you movie !
Niklas Alles
eine deutsche Einheit hätte sich zwar niemals so über eine Straße bewegt aber okay
Nikolay Sakha
WTF ? \n 9 Maя 1945г СССР ✊👍
meh, too much of a propaganda movie, i am surprised that there is no tiger tanks theres getting blown up by rifle fire allso.
PGG Pasatsif
so many fails in one ww2 film my eyes are bleeding!
Peter H
French colonial troops acted like animals against italian and german civilians in 1944 and 45. Most of them have never been into frontline battles. Instead they where used to occupy towns and villages behind the frontlines. The results where mass rapes and murder of man try to protect the woman. Check out \
Кто знает как это фильм называется?
Ray Zaki V. Naringahon
Well I didn't knew that there were already \
Rhodesien Airforce
Ein grosser Haufen deutscher Landser trifft auf eine handvoll Moslemsoldaten.\nWer verliert, natürlich die Landser.
اكبر غلطه محاربه الجزائريين والعرب مع كلاب فرنسا فرنسا اوهمت الشعب الجزائري بالأستقلال في حاله مكسب الحرب ضدد الالمان واخذوهم معهم ضدد محاربه الالمان ربنا يرحم كل مسلم ويسقط من خان وطنه ودينه
Terry Curran
great movie but shocking singing... sounds like the singer is dying lol
The Fat Guy who Won't Die
2:36 That Guy didn’t even cycle the bolt on the sniper!
Tim der kleine Nazi
3:50 hat der so starke schmerzen oder jammert da ne Katze... Was ein Scheiß XD
Tom Xaider
Sadly, in the end, all of them never receive any medals or promotions for their bravery just because their heritage is North African! this film is about discrimination in the French Army. For the French, all these brave Algerian soldiers are cannon fodder to them
Tuan Long
the bazoka can change the war =)))))
Tutsapu T
หนังอะไร ใครรู้บ้าง
Vital-Club Consulting Ltd.
I guess nobody saw the movie which depicts a true story of Magrebi soldiers liberating a village in Alsace. Their unit was reduced to about 5 men after suffering numerous casualties throughout their push towards the West. Their reward: with one exception, dead to the last man and no compensation whatsoever from the French government in terms of state pension or award since they were not considered equal to French citizens. Interesting to see all the comments below defending the nazis and it goes a long way to describe what is happening today in the world.
Vlad Ryski
Hitler - kaput!!!🙋🙅🙆
Xass A
На редкость тупой фильм..))
Yasser Elmlege
تحيه غاليه من مصر للجزائر وكل عربي ❤
ahmed amw
هوﻻء جزائريين يقاتلون مع الفرنسيين ضد الألمان..
b.a_syafarnuh siregar
permission to download.
dabdub dabdub
تحية للكل الابطال العربية التى خاضت حروب ليست لها وارغمت عليها
david mccormick
This is Saving Private Ryan
done 2229
Dieser Kriegsfilm ist wohl der langweiligste und unglaubwürdigste den ich je gesehen habe. XD
emb-90 emb-90
فرنسا وعدت الجزائرين إن حاربو معها الالمان لتحرير فرنسا سوف تمنحهم الإستقلال مباشرة بعد خروح آخر ألماني من فرنسا\n لكن وكعادة العدو خلفت فرنسا بوعدها وفي يوم 8 ماي 1945 خرج الجزائرين يطالبون فرنسا بفك قيدهم ومنحهم الحرية لكنها نكلت بهم وقتلت في يومين فقط 45 الف شهيد\n حينها ايقن الجزائرين ان ما سلب بالقوة لن يستعاد إلا بالقوة وفعلا بعد 9 سنوات انطلقت الثورة التحريرية المجيدة مستغلة الخبرة العسكرية للجنود الجزائرين الذين شاركو في حرب تحرير فرنسا و اوروبا من ألمانيا ولسخرية القدر اسس المجاهدون الجزائريون علاقات قوية مع مافيا السلاح وبقايا القيادات النازية في اوروبا لتوريد السلاح الي الجزائر قصد محاربة فرنسا وإخراجها من الجزائر ...
hans berg
immer diese scheiß propaganda filme
lupac guzova
The name for full movie please
monwa3at dz منوعات ديزاد _
Moudjahidines d'Algérie contre l'armée allemande Plus de 300، 000 Algériens ont été tués. allh yer7am chouhada
Is this meant to be a comedy a few guys taking out waves of Germans 😂😂
I like how in every WWII film, the same Wehraboos come crying about the german superhuman getting killed too easily, as everybody should know, they were nearly invicible.\n\nSo explain us, dear Wehraboos, what happened during the battle of Bir Hakeim, under the command of the famous General Rommel, when they were stopped by french soldiers (with many africans among them) and stucked here for 14 days and lost around 3500 men for 1000, while they were outnumbering french 10 to 1 ?
what a big bullshit ! As everytime in such Heroe movies the Germans are not able to hit, while at every shot of the Algerians 5 Germans fallen down :)\nNot even with the MG42 the German Soldier is able to hit even only the window, funny ...
vezir gambiti
piç Fransızlar !cezayirliler sizin için savaş versin siz piçlik yapın
von Richthofen
Die deutschen Rennen immer ins offene Feuer und sichern nicht die Flanken und den Rückraum... Total scheiß Film
Вот прям вижу как солдаты вермехта, лучшие бойцы того времени, идут кучно по открытой местности в количестве 30 человек. Аккурат чтобы всех одной очередью положить.
yung vin
Кадий Генри-Мортон
Хахаха! Арабские мотивы о борьбе с фашизмом... Клоунада ля франсе.
Миру Мир
Как фильм называется кто нибудь скажите пожалуйста???
Роман Коробов
Восточная песня красивая
Севиль Новикова
Немцы хорошие солдаты,но РУССКИЕ дрались лутше!
Семен Семеныч
Как фильм называется?
дима ювелир
Ебаные америкосы
ابراهيم الشمري
الاخراج ممتاز والتمثيل رائع والاحدث محبوكة لكن سؤال يا امتي العربية لماذا في افلامنا نجعل ابطالنا نهايتهم مأساوية اما نهايتهم مقتولين او مستسلمين ليتنا نستفيد من الغرب انهم جعلو ابطالهم هم المنتصرين في النهاية
حسين حسناتو
سيد عمر الاعرجي سيد عمر
الله أكبر يسقط هتلر العنصري عاشوا المغاربة \nتحياتي من العراق إلى مغرب العربي
طلال عيسى
لا شعوريا انتقلت على هذا الفيديو😂
عــلاء العــراقــي
هل هؤلاء الجنود جزائريين ولماذا يقاتلون ضد الالمان اليس الاجدر بهم ان يقفوا مع الالمان ضد الفرنسيين الذين كانوا محتلين الجزائر ؟؟؟؟؟
عيد اروس
الله يرحمك يا جدي.. ‘‘حسن بلاندا‘‘..عمار الفرخ ‘‘..وعمي لخضر. . ضحو بخياتهم في اقذر حرب جرت مذ خلق المعمورة.. لاجل وعد قذر..لا زالت جبال وقرى ڨرونوبل شاهدة لبطولاتكم
ليث العراقي العراقي
الأغنية عربية -the music arbiec
مروان مورينو
اعطوني جندي جزائري وسلاح الماني وسااجعل اروبا تزحف على أنملها💪
꧁ ραумυѕ𖤍꧂YT