Cognitive Clubhouse, #20381

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Imagine a science lab, theater, art studio, arcade, amusement park, & professional development facility all in one location. Cognitive Clubhouse is the ultimate in mental merriment! Cognitive Clubhouse will serve as a hub for critical and creative thinking. It will be the site of a variety of student centered programs and exhibits ranging from science, history, art, engineering, innovation, entrepreneurial education, media production, gaming and coding. It will be a site for the best possible teacher educational and professional development attracting the most ground breaking educators and change agents offering TED-style presentations and interactive workshops. Cognitive Clubhouse will also feature the only all-ages science playground in north Florida with interactive elements demonstrating a variety of scientific concepts including balance, motion, sound, optics, simple machines and more. Because change and innovation are encouraged, services, programs and exhibits will grow and evolve over time. Initially, Cognitive Clubhouse will offer Big Bang Science workshops, stage presentations, and summer camps as well as premier professional development opportunities with the intention of adding on as time and resources permit. With interactive exhibits, studio space, and an outdoor science playground, Cognitive Clubhouse will be the epicenter of creativity and innovation in Jacksonville.

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