15. Human Sexual Behavior I

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May 5, 2010) Robert Sapolsky explores behavioral patterns of human reproduction. He focuses on proximal and distal motivations, orgasm and fertility facilitation, non-reproductive sex, hormonal and cerebral sexual functions, and the differences and similarities between humans and animals in various physiological realms.Stanford University:

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Agent Smidt
Did anyone else catch what he said at 28:45?
Alex Gonzales
What is the name of the \
Alexe Vlad
This man is brilliant.
Arjun Reddy
Looks like a hippy
Barb Thornell
So womens' romantic/sexual attachment to men (or other adult women) is a spandrel derived from the need to bond with offspring...
Barry Kent
All the best! Fantastic lectures, Mr. Sapolsky is very good teacher and man with wonderful humor. I've found his work by accident and I cannot stop. Fantastic!
Bat-Amgalan Bat-Erdene
Who else is into PUA stuff that come here?
Best Winner
Everyone forgot what spandral meant! Like me! Did I seriously hear a woman's orgasm was compared to men's nipples? Wth! Us women need to stand up for equal pay AND take charge, their partner doesn't go off until we do, there I solved the dilemma of our gender roles. This lecture was ridiculous and I couldn't pay attention after the excerpts I just said!! Wish so badly I was in classes to contribute lol
Chaka Caca
Yes, but why do perverted humans have sex with corpses, animals and poop???
Charles Brightman
At about 49:00 in the video concerning the spike of dopamine in relation to \
Yeah; doesn't the uterus drop down toward the vagina during orgasm muscle contractions? I thought it made it easier for more sperm to reach their destination. Either way, I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth.
Sapolsky is my spirit animal! Love each and every of his lectures.
Cristovao Correia
Somebody know wich books professor Sapolsky is talking about ???\nHave he talk the names of them in one of the videos of this cursus ?\nThanks
Danny James
25:40 \
Dexter Lecter
Before I watch this video and most likely realize how far off from the topic this lecture, like so many others, becomes I will state my opinion.  We humans have an interesting brain (and body, but that is irrelevant at the moment) that allows for fairly significant changes to be made as our environment changes.  We can absolutely be programmed through external sources to derive sexual ARROUSAL from things outside of what is in our best biological interest.  Monogamy allows for a human to experience emotions and live a life that best suits our GENETIC needs, even today.  Epigenetically we've seen fluctuations in sexual behavior among societies since the beginning of time, this is due in large part to perceptions straying from interest.  I am not suggesting that there aren't biological mechanisms that at play that cause homosexuality or one to be loose sexually.  Of course that argument can be made, especially if the research is by a Jew!  For brevity I will mention 2 sexual groups.  Normal and abnormal.  The vast majority of the abnormal will be able to trace their deviation to a falling off from normality via media or social rejection / struggles.  Genetically we are better off being born into a compassionate family regardless of sexuality.  Entering into adulthood it is important to focus more on the emotions then the actions themselves when first experiencing sexual activities.  Animals are not subjected to the neural re-wiring that we are due to our comparatively large frontal lobe and meta-cognition.  It is that simple.  Animals are governed solely by biological mechanisms where as our reality can change as well as our perceptions / holographic thinking / re-programming of future behavior.  Save yourself an hour and forty minutes of listening to what is most likely some moron who pays good enough attention in school to get through the painstakingly retarded and slow curriculum and just take what I say as true.  I will gladly answer any questions or put myself out there for criticism.
Dillon Wu
Isn't female refractory period shorter than male refractory period? 39:92
Elizabeth Peters
I love his humorous comments. However, I feel lucky to be able to hear his lectures online, getting a virtual Stanford education! :)
Ella Roberts
Very interesting. Great pace, easy to follow
Federico Egli
Where can you find the bibliograophy for this lectures
Femme Fatale
this guy is a genius , he flow th brain n knowledge like a razor of precision 
Field of View
Thinks a scientific journal actively supporting a politician (Clinton) is \
Hakan Çakan
I wish Turkish subtitles
HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio )
It is a great lecture about Human Sexual Behavior.
I. Shaman
I like a lot these lectures, but disagree in the saying, that males would recover faster from orgasm. The other way round, because females can have multiple orgasms, sientifically prooved... min 39.40
Phantom penile sensations... which i dont wanna know about lolol
Isabel Lizarraga
Thank you professor!!!!
Ivan Harted
So dophamine does nothing with lust. The one only thing it works with is prediction.
That is a remarkable beard.
Jan Pavuk
...anyone has reading notes to these lectures, my fellow students?
Jenn VB
James Gleick's \
Jim Cambell
I will forever be changed by you Sir. I understand now. I know the difference between good patterns and bad. Your taking the time to post such previously off limits knowledge, is so important. I have also studied chaos and deconstruction of Derrida. It was you Sir that taught me first how important education is. Thank you so much.
Jim Stanley
1:24 - One of the most all time blow out committee meetings ever !!!! Brilliant lecturer.
Jimmy Fortef
I have at least a higher IQ than the average build Ming bi
What clever thing did Joel Cohen do? Does Sapolsky ever pay off the tease?
Joe T
I wish all professors were this entertaining.
John Quiruz
What book is about Chaos that he mentions in the beginning of the video?
Kamil Przespolewski
Extended notes, anyone?
Kirk Faulkner
Does anyone know what \
fascinating professor to listen to
Kåre Fog
Sapolsky is not right about romance. There are scholars who claim that the concept of \
Fixed Action Pattern: FAP. How appropriate.
Man's a genius and an incredible speaker on sexuality
Marciano Padilla
Dodging a bullet triggers a reward. Makes sense.And a relationship is the price you pay for the anticipation of it.OMG!!!!!! I'm a dopamine junkie.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
What books are he referencing.
Melelisa Togiatama
Mer D
This is fascinating. So awesome that Stanford and other universities post video of lectures online! Think about how much more educated we can all become.
Mercedes Malone
I am listening to this at twice the speed and I think it's still too slow regardless pretty good though.
Micah Buzan
Humans are interesting creatures. I fall more on the asexual side of the spectrum. I really enjoy spending every waking hour working on animation and music. I have crushes here and there, but I'd rather make cartoons than make babies.
Michelle the Human
The stuff about lifetime monogamy/ life pair bonding in humans being about 50 years old is pretty nutty. In the past 50 years pair bonding has taken a nose dive to the determent of society and average human happiness (thanks to the welfare state).
Mike Cas
Am I the only viewer who finds this guy annoying?
Mike OHara
So that’s why they do what they do and act like that! \nAlways wondered what was up with that.
Morda Florian
Can we find that \
Nick Humphrey
why were they in such a rush at the end LOL.
Noah Levine
whats the chaos book sapolsky is talking about at the beginning of the lecture?
Palma Mingozzi
Passing copies of genes, invigorating topic.😊
Peter Moore
1:29:00 - Well I guess that answers Ramsey Bolton's question about phantom penis.
Ponte Ryuurui
Rofl if this vid gets lost in time somehow you ll be able to tell that he is speaking to millennials as there are more depressed ones than sexually satisfied ones, brilliant lecture by the by, many thanks for uploading
Rad Cant Hair
I'm a dude but somehow, regardless of subject content, the sound of his voice basically makes me want to start a family
this guy looks like a cross between gerry garcia and frank zappa 😒
Raphael Basoni
“In the particular realm of female rat sexual behavior,… the standard dogma has been that the female role is a very passive receptive one …[and that’s only true because] if she doesn’t have enough room to run around [bla bla bla ]… if you’re studying an animal in a setting where they can’t speak in their own language.” THAT’S ME UNDER CURRENT SOCIETY RULES. but anyways.... great class... too bad he didnt cover all possible sexual orientations.
This was really fascinating. I've never been to college or University so this was like making up for it, haha. I get to kind of experience it through the internet. Anyway one of the species who specifically only certain individuals mate in is wolves; with wolves only the alpha pair in a pack will mate, but that is usually because the alpha pair is the parents while the other members would be all of the offspring and siblings, rather than a custom, it would be to avoid incest.
Rusty SpyGoat
Yes Robert is awsome, but is that my sex drive talking??
I would love to take his classes. thanks for posting these lectures.
Salvatore Rapisarda
So if I don't pay attention to the hot girl she may be more attractive to me?
Sam Smith
Where can I get the more advanced lectures, pdf course materials, and all the case studies? are there forums where I can discuss these lectures in further detail?
Stan Lem
I don't think having sex in private is the \
Steve Bergman
I don't understand the \
Sylvio Quadros
Sapolsky's a genius.
Szilard Bokros
Are the extended notes available?
Thea Whalen
What did the math guy do to get people to talk about their sexual history when he was doing AIDS research?
Victor Probably
What's the name and author of that \
Viktoria Dimitrova
This professor is brilliant! I'm considering to change my field of studies after watching this lecture!
Wubaluba Dubdub
What I've learned today... MAYBE is Powerful as powerful as cocaine
Xavier Nogueira
Anyone have the title of the “chaos” book?
apple pie
bharath swabhiman
I ! M from Indian I studied master psychology ... But I learn somany new things from him ... My professors are nothing ... If I compare with his vast knowledge
You know, not all people are \
cf 1:36, Perfume is mostly made from flowers; he is talking about CIVET which comes from weasel-like animals, a.k.a. MUSK. All animals in this family have strong scent glands, especially skunks!
david lisa
This professor is great. He just needs to have a tone to attract the attention for important things. He just keeps talking and we cannot focus on everything he says.
eclyectk jackson
Erector levy...did the coyote ust that on the road runner😂thats an acme product😂😂😂
Does anyone know what \
i lovecars
That's god beard
No doubt perfume smell weird
45:40 top notch tests : ) \nIf she is fit and \
jeremy robinsonartist
Impressive lecturer.
I can see one advantage for males of the female orgasm, if you can give a woman one, she will comeback for more, would the capacity to give orgasms relate to being a caring mate or similar?
pinche cookie
this teacher is awesome.....I'm not normally interested in these particular subjects.....but he really takes it to the next level
Also where does he get the stat that the average duration of marriages is 2-4 years across all cultures?
I'm curious as to whether there has been any data collected on oral sex. Mainly what is the attraction to it (other than the obvious). It's easy to understand why a person would want to be a recipient, but there must be some psychological drive to be the \
Öykü Özer
i love this guy
Коллега Коллеге
Hey, guys! Excuse me for my question. But, Where does Robert speak about masturbation? I watched some video where he spoke about it, but could not remember and now I look for