Trying skinny dipping the naked beach - Tayrona National Park || Colombia 2

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I took myself to Tayrona National Park in Colombia. I decided here was the perfect place to out my new found confidence to the test. I gave the naked beach ago and of course skinny dipping. You only live once so why not!! It was amazing. I recommend taking water and food because the park can get expensive and there are no shops or ATMS.

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Skinny dipping is the only way to go. Try Little Beach on Maui.
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Amador Designs
well your beautiful in and out.
I came for ass I was not disappointed 👏😓
Chap Chappington
Jesus, ass like a hippo.
Choose A Better Name
nice big bum
Chris Gerrard
wat happened to u Claira?
Claire Defresnes
Everybody should try at least one day to swim, walk, sunbath naked, and you would see how nice it is!
Connor Thompson
What's up with her tooth at the front
Da Bunda
Claira... you're beautiful.
U have a nice Ass .Love You ;)
Everyone skip to 4:35
Jim Coyyot
Hi! Lovely Lovely Sure.
John Wayne
U did allot more than skinny dipping with giggs
Joshua Duval
Joshua Harry
Kalana Ranasinghe
Lance Thompson
Im pretty sure like half of us watch Claira's videos because we'd smash.
Lavish036 Cloud
Claire, your body is a1 👏
Lil Pump
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London Taylor
hahha Claira knows what shes doing.. I'm coming back to this video in 24 hours just to see the views..
Luis Carbajal
what background music/song did you use? it's so catchy
Malcolm Hooker
You are so beautiful
Mesut Ozil
Michele Lustrissimini
bellissimo video
Mohamed Hassan
You are so beautiful Claria😍😍❤️
Claire aging like a grape.
Nigel Allen
Nice Bum. Great vid!
Oliver Moore
Claria you've got such a nice bum
P Kerfstok
Professor ASMR
Gorgeous bum! Glad you had such a great time. Nude beaches are such a freeing experience.
Sage of Light & Darkness. I AM That I AM
when you gonna make a another video with deij?
Shanksy yyHD
Love the vids
At the end of the video I miss the part where you come back out of the water back to the beach ;-)
Symphony Farm
Oh la la! Colombia carribean! Safe, cheap, warm, and you can be naked! Sounds like paradise! Are the flights cheap too?!
Tahir Naseem
Do the naked truth with a 360 camera
Like for the cakes x
You're so fine 💦
Theo S
There is a nude beach not far from me. I gave it a go and I enjoyed it. At first I was nervous but after a while I was relaxed, it was kind of like being a kid again when there was no shame in getting naked in front of people with without a care in the world. There was nothing sexual about it, also I have no idea why when I became a teenager it became a sin to be naked. The only caution is getting sand in places you don't want it to be. Good for you.
X_ BoYs
abdi ahmed
she does realize that men watch her vids in the hope of seeing a nip/slip... fingers crossed this is the one
Nude beaches are great!!! Swimming and sunbathing nude is so liberating. I don't get why so many people have a problem with nudity. It's just the human body.
If I slept in a hammock like that, I would be afraid of rolling over at night and falling on the floor.
I agree with you. Shedding my clothes at the beach feels like being a kid again. I wish that people were more open-minded about it.\nJust a note of personal preference: I am not wild about the music in the background...
hassan Waleed
I think I'll stick your cupcakes, british girls have one of the worse backsides
james c
I have been going to nude beaches &/or nudist resorts, off & on, for the last 35 years or so.  And the one age range you never find at either type of place are the junior high to junior college crowd.  Everyone is either under 12 or over 21.
logang forlife
mala pottingher
Do some more heart 2 heart!!!!
saif samer
amazing video claira ❤️
Ángel Onrubia
Amazing this video. It's mi favourite