Baby one more notch - Blind Witness lyrics!

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We're all zombies waiting to die

blind for fucking the win witness

Alex Bouchard
asti jpa capable dla screamer losti de toune :P
Bar Tarzan
Vive le Quebec TABARNAKKK!!!!
Cette douce \ncomposition me donne des petites sensations dans le bas du corps avec ce gentil petit TABARNAAAKKK
@IAmMusicxxxx its more like FOR FUCK SAKE\n\n
Brock Lehner
what does tabarnak mean
Brutal Vocals
They remind me of Attila, Party lifestyle wise haha
Cecilia Murillo
This is nothing like Attila or asking Alexandria -.-
Cody Erales
well you see it's a type of large fish commonly found on the southern shore of Indonesia
Could you guys seriously grow up? He's just saying that they're similar because their lyrics are about how they drink their asses off and don't give a fuck if they die. And then you guys say Asking Alexandria sucks as though he's comparing them, like, seriously, that's stupid. Asking Alexandria & Blind Witness are both good, and people appeal to each one based on their opinion. And if you don't agree with theirs, stick to yours.
Danielle MacFarlane
@MercilessMrBrooks your the dumbes fuck its bar!!!!!
Danielle Schenck
where can i get this cd.....\n
Der Meister
I think that ''Tabarnak'' is more brutal than ''fuck''
What a waste of a perfect voice to bad lyrics
Halvard S.
Blind witness is better and more heavy imo
Hunter Chronica
LOL! post-core compared to BLINDWITNESS, I'm ashamed to know you exist.
@amazingman40 *sigh* stupid \u003e..\u003e I feel bad for you too
Too bad they're breaking up after Heavy MTL in the beginning of august
JD Belanger
Sup with all the shit talking going on about Asking Alexandria? I can't even relate to this song's lyrics, only heard about it cause it says \
Jeremy Johnson
Fuck yes!
Jeremy Kniffen
John Boy
Best part 2:37
Justin Mann
These guys lyrics remind me of Asking Alexandria
Jérémie Côté
OMG you dont say that you kidding me OMFG me i feel bad for you you dont know what is the true music lol you are so gay\n
Jérémie Henneuse
Kendrick Alley
@MercilessMrBrooks nope says bar. how much sense does it make to take shots in the black....
Kevin Pagès
l'break down yiéééé JUSTE MALAAAAADEEEEEE !
Lance Monceret
@IAmMusicxxxx \
Lindsay Hayes
... How does that even? No.
Manuel Oliveira
dude sont de gatineau man, un dmes chum y jam avec leur drummer
Mathieu Turcotte
C'est le plus beau Tabranak que j'ai entendu de ma vie !! \\m/\n
Michelle Q
geez death metal!
Dat insane Breakdown.. , sick ! *-*
What's up with the band fights when you're listening to one of the first metal/hardcore songs to say TABARNAK!!!! (tabarnak \u003e fuck) you non-quebec people should see this as an honor! OSTIE DE GANG DE CAVES! :)
@TheBrock95 It means FUCK in french Canadian.
Wtf asking alexandria ?...seriously...GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE !! vive blind witness
Tabarnak there not even quebecois! there from ottawa, straight up french fucking canadian!
Ocicfofiyyvglkgycfouffiofiff awesome
bien dit calisse
2:00 dirty
Romario Brewster
Sam David
Je suis la seule quebecoise qui est partie à rire en entendant le Tabarnak?
Sam Plante
Samuel Poitras
Vrai groupe québecois ! Dommage qu'ils ont arrêter ! Un bon ngroupe qui viens de ma ville ! Super cooooool !
Sim BookLover
yess i think too XD
i like asking alexandria and blind witness z0mg. stop being so fucking ignorant
SunAndMoon23177 -
@MonsieurJavel ta ben raison y comprenne pas c quoi être un quebecois
Teacher Buzz
+PDORSOULJAH There are from Granby, therefore they're from Quebec! Do some research idiot!
Tyler Strong
@Yliaantje no aa does suck so you fail
Vanessa De Leon
Vlad Dracula
My reaction to death metal the first time o.0
Whiteless Eyes
I think it's \
Will-BuuzzOn M
TABARNAK!!! du pur metal quebecois
You can't really translate ''Tabarnaque''.\r\nThere's a page about it on wikipedia if that interests you, just go on google and type in Quebec French Profanity.
Yliane ter Bogt
the dude on the top is right, this does remind me of Asking Alexandria AND THEY DON'T SUCK!\r\nBlind Witness and Asking Alexandria are both fucking awesome, nobody changes that ^^
charles beaudoin
lol esti que c bon vivement québecois et fier de l'être
charles marcoux
C vrm cool
fred renault
2:40 j'm'attend calisment pas a ca xD
It's all good apart from the last 20 seconds
meshi decapitation
what's tabarnak?
raph 1000000000
Im a french or more canadian french guy and HOSTIE D'TABARNACK!!!! is swearing in french for those who don't know and this is the real definition cause this sentence eh maybe i use it more than one time! XD
whats the font you used for the lyrics? cus i muuust knooow..
steven parise
Moi j'aurais dit \
tristam dubois
@Merciklon tabarnak means FUCK in canadian xD