Baby One More Notch - Blind Witness - Guitar Cover

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Guitar - Schecter Hellraiser C-1Pedal/Recording - Zoom G7.1utStrings - Ernie Ball 11-54Tuning - Drop BDAW - Cockos Reaper 3.4Tabs - I did not copy the tabs note for note, I made my own slight changes here and there, such as the tremolo picking in the solo etc.For those who don't know Blind Witness, they are a great metalcore band that I highly recommend you check out. Unfortunately they recently broke up due to complications with members but they had a great run while it lasted.Thanks for the view guys! Please leave a comment. I love to hear feedback :)Jack

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Amiel Sellitto
BLind Witness !! :O! Vive Le Quebec Criss !
Andrés Ramirez
is that guitar capable of doing anything besides metal?
Still my favorite \u003c3 Awesome!! I complained abotu your long absence and the next my wish is realized! ^^
awesome cover dude.
Do all alone please :-)
Good Stuff!! Great edit!
Brandon Arnould
What settings do you have for the Zoom?! Been looking for a sound like this !
Dale Gray
hey man perfect cover dude, love this band!
Daley Radford
BEst Version online yet amazing Job and your picking style is nice.
Daniel Mansour
@JackMcGuitar what software?
David Bellagamba
so cool! :D
Derrick n
hey there tabs for this ???
Friendly Neighborhood Metal Head
Jack McGrath Music
@tylerherod Thanks dude! I actually have three ghost inside shirts :p haha and I have an Unearth shirt coming in the mail this week hopefully!\nYeah Blind Witness are definately worth checking out! Listen to their songs \
Jack Pellow
AMAZING \u003c3
Jacob Staader
Sick man, this is flawless!
Guitar God... =)
Jérôme AJ
Yeah, another band to check out! Thanks ! We have the same taste in music, but i don't find anything about Avenged Sevenfold on your channel! You should do some cover of A7X, that's my fav band ! . Flawless cover again Jack!
Kaalan Smith
Ever heard of alt picking?
Leigh Kendell
awesome cover man check out my cover, looks like I will have to make some corrections :P your cover is way better ahah and i thought i was the only dude who knew about BW here in Australia :P clearly not! I love them :D
Mathieu Labelle-Roy
how to open pro tabs ????
Melodic Jams
THE GHOST INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favoriteeeeee
Epic man!
One of the most jizzcore breakdowns ever, and you nailed the whole song :). Possibly your best cover yet sexbomb! Tone was pretty much identical. Keep it up big fella!\r\n\r\nTEBAKNAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oliver Ström
Brutal song and amazing cover....Great job
Outstanding :P
when you record can you still hear yor guitar playing through the amp or does it all go into the computer?
Good Job! I like your playing style...and the way you are wearing your watch, haha ;-). So you can play guitar the whole day and always check out what time it is :P. Keep on playing!! :)
Reid Hall
thats pretty deadly. i look forward to being able to playing songs like this and We Are Not Anonymous. and nice stereo by the way, i have the same one
Shashwat Sahay
wats ur recordin method ??\nBTW awesome cover\n\nregards from india
YES BOSS!!!! NEW VIDEO, stoked!!!! Dude it was so good, thoroughly enjoyed! More ploxkins \u003c333
Yayy! Ur back! I missed ur covers!
Star Lord
2:03 nut
Tetsuo Galindo
amazing bro :DD\nvisit my channel if u can hope u like the background xD\nblind witness is actually my favorite band :D
amazing cover ! :D \ni actually looked a cover this song for a long time and this is the best so far :D \nglad i subscribed the right guy ;) 5*
dude is that a hell raiser C-1 Custom? great vid dude yo uare awesome.
Transcendental Existence
Nice to see you in action again :)\nGreat job as usual
im jealous of your guitar man
dale de
Thats fuckin sick man, i will have to do a drum cover of it and put it up soon.
NIce, you´re back! :D Nice song choice! Check out my newest video if you got the chance. Anyway, welcome back! :D\n\nKeep on Rocking! \\m/\n\n// Krigg2
Well done... Dislike the changing camera angle though... every time I'd get used to one it would change to another.