NUDlST Beach Searching - Hidden Places in Pattaya

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Base99 TT
Great video, good work.
Bertl Barm
whould you ever beleve l was there in 1998 there was only two huts on that island, l think l have to look for an other country now\nthey destroy everything for dollars
Chuck in Bangkok
what do you use for video? It seems unknown to those around you? Great footage!
Dead Men
Chines army 😆😆😆😆
Desi Slayer
Click bait
Dhong Mannaidham
Don Haig
Hidden kouklas 😉\nNice video comrade 👍
Event Horizon
Looks very calm, civil & laid back. Compared with, say, Spring Break beaches full of obnoxious people.
Gareth Harper
Why are people so lazy leaving their rubbish all over those beautiful beaches
Guido DeMaio
So where are all the nude beach goers?
John Sandvik
running arround nude is not decent in Thailand, but of course there have to be peeping Toms like you 555
Johno F
Good stuff man. Thumbs up on the mapping too.
Kevin T
You are the dog.
Plan B: follow that girl. 0:50
Very well done video. This is as close as I am going to get to that island for a few more months. Cheers!!
Nobody wants to get nude w/ you snooping around w/ your camera.
Mister X
Mustafa Ali
Never been to Koh Larn in my life though I had exploited many parts of Thailand starting from the South, Bangkok, Pattaya all the way to Nakhon Ratchasima. I heard a lot of this place... a hidden paradise and away from the bustle and crowded Pattaya.... I can't stop laughing seeing in the first 2 minutes of all the white ass and ass grabbing : )
Natsu Dragneel
Pattaya must have some literary meaning. What's that ?
Nick Bevi
good video and good idea for looking out at nudist placesbut...honestly...also if there were nudism possibility at those raw and abandoned beaches.. at that point I feel much better keep up my swimsuit and relax in a clean beach instead
Nilesh Shah
Is this beach physically challenge friendly ?
Orbit Snoog
Pfff. You aren't selling it.
Patrick Palmarella
Spirits drink coke cola & Leo ?
Pattaya Random
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Pete n
Selly Farhan
Tim Collins
Ur a serious perv lad
Used to be paradise, and only an hour or so from the madness of Pattaya. Sadly, then came the Chinese... there really isn't an island where you can avoid the dirty cheap bastards these days
ahmad takieddin
sansür sansür başka ne biliyorsunuz.
chaturdharee ramesh
all bubish
jackzero shota
john O'Donnell
so basically, there is no nude beach!
marcelo ferreira
Que lugar lindo, que belas imagens 😍😍🤗
scott Colorado
two Rockets
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Андрей Богинский
проблемный, под юбку снимает