La La La Human Steps 1985 UPGRADE

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La La La Human Steps performing 'Human Sex'Choreographer Édouard LockFeaturing award winning dancer Louise LecavalierMontreal's Post-Modern Dance company, who have worked with artists as diverse as David Bowie (Sound & Vision Tour) / Frank Zappa (The Yellow Fish) & more recently My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields. From Alter Image directed by Jane Thorburn.

Alter Bloody Bowie Dance David Edouard Human Image Kevin La Lecavalier Lock Louise Modern My Post Sex Shields Steps Valentine laLaLa

Fight Sex by Vita Minh. Sweet!
Bella Mortadella
when I am horny I listen to this!!!!
Ian James
i saw this years ago , so glad ive found it again , its still brilliant\n
Great music as well. Well done! Mr.Kinard!
Marie Ostermann
merci danke thank you\n
Selmar Jurian
Does anybody know the name of the music and where I could possibly get it?\r\nreally need it!:) for a show, it's very usable! Thank you:)
I saw this performance in 1985 in SF. It was mind blowing.
God, i want to kill myself
@darkmarkrammstein \n\nim jealous.\nwho is the music?
I really think it's about a new age woman fighting for her place and new independence in a male dominated world. Breaking out of the mold and constraints of society and embracing succesfully her \
@sjmitchell \r\nat the hompage lalala human steps you can find a link with music maybe you will find it there