Connor Hank at Android Sex Club DETROIT BECOME HUMAN

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Connor and Hank Chase a Deviant at an Android Sex Club DETROIT BECOME HUMAN This video contains the scene where Connor and Hank investigate an Android sex club, Eden Club, for a homicide that ends in a chase.Subscribe HereFeel free to check out our channel! We've got walkthroughs from everything from Resident Evil 7 to LoZ Breath of the Wild.

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Big Smoke
time to clean my browser history
Blackjack Animations & Stuff
To be honest, I would have shot her.
Blugale Doh
7:30 lol, do you really a android?
when Connor asked hank if he could rent it i died laughing.\nsounded like a kid asking for a toy
12:34 gachiBASS Clap
Lesbians ?! \nNo problem i killed them 😂😂
Connor has the most interesting missions. i want detroit: Connor only
Giuseppe Dozio
Sshit amazing.
I hate First comments
Connor is getting laid! daaaamn!
JT Jones
When Connor was yelling at the girl I really hated him
Jens Bols ex OVJ
My question how does android puss taste like or feel
Jovia Elhorn
Kapil Prashar
12:27 what are you trying to do Connor?
King X
13:10 Uuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh....
LoliOnii-chan Senpai
29.99$ for 30 minutes session\n\n3:19 *Hank look at Connor \nHank:That actually a good deal\nConnor: I told you
Marcão Bicho ruim 2.0
9:51 The Brics -\u003e Brazil Russia India China South Africa
Mark K
God damn😏
Just treat Android's like sentient beings, come on. If this were reality, I swear I'd never call one an \
Muhammad Hendra
Lol the future don't have cctv
how is this game so realistic?
Why is everybody on NyQuil?
that female android was hot wonder if she was anatomically correct and could have slept with human men
Rolo Tomassi
Robo lesbian fight scene. Wtf? XD
Root for the Villain
Ghost in shell 2:Innocence
Ryder Draconis
How can 2 androids love eachother if their memories are wiped every 2 hours? This is retarded. AI characters are never interesting.
Sammy Salgado
Savage Games
Should Have shot the android
Sean Kennedy
All I was thinking of was Mr crabs
Lol I just played this mission too.I love this game.
Sir Jedsalot
Android nut
The Gamer Simon
Is This Game Already Out? I Would Love To Play It
TheDrunk Pigeon
I sense two lesbo lovers and I LOVE it
Not gonna lie, I spent almost 10 minutes admiring those male androids...
Tyson Woods
You should have shot her
Vilma Gonzalez
This is the best investigation of the game :)
Virginia Davila
thank you
Wesley Lin
Writing is so mehhhhh Dx but I like the old guy cop
I just saw someone shoot her and I'm so happy that this ending exists. Shooting makes it heartbreaking... 😭
_fatizohra _km
Ooh I'm in the weird part of yt again
ali z.
WHY you don't shooting😠😠😠😠😠
fat cat
*Can we rent this Traci ?*
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sexy 💕
irsyad darwisy2
i wish i had android in real life if i have android i gonna play with him and IM NOT ALONE YAY :D
michelle gloria winardy
Connor was similar with Detective in Heavy Rain
Bots before Thots
8:27 North??
*lol since when did games find asian men attractive*