Goldeneye tank chase [HD]

Tank chase in St Petersburg. Goldeneye [1995]

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Ace of Games
0:15 That guy walking across the street's just like \
Adam Ramirez
Damn!! ALL those demolished buildings!!! Not one speck of dust on his hair!! WHAT did he use. RAIN X?
Adam St.Martin
February 6, 2018-- Wowee!.. I noticed something on at 2:31... Okay if this filmed is based on the U.S.S.R.. I noticed that at 2:31... On the police cars....on your right.....You'll see the Russian flag instead of U.S.S.R.. flag... U.S.S.R. flag is red field and upper left corner yellow hammer and sickle..... Russian flag today is white, blue, and red horizontal.. Now if this filmed is based on the Russian...Then it will be fine with me...I am not being sarcastic here...It's just makes no sense if this filmed based on the U.S.S.R.. and have the Russian flag....... Or else Russian and U.S.S.R.. flies the same flag at that time...
Alexander Rahl
This is my video I use when WoT players complain about tanks sliding.
Alexandrumarian Nedelcu
maria sa Voda radu pietreanu zis si lucian mandruta emil Gradinescu Bogdan stelea piturca in urmarire prin capitala cu tankul de la rusi din sat!!!
Alfred Valrie
3:09 no way the driver escaped unscathed
Big Herm
Looks like most Russian dashcam videos.
Caboose 117
The man driving the tank is actually named Jim Dowdall. He has a top 5 favorite tanks video on the tank museum YouTube channel where he talks about how they made this scene. It’s very interesting.
How did we go from this to Spectre
Damien Tran
Baldi Musical bloopers brought me to this scene
Daniel Maia
Tank slide lol. Is that even possible?
Darksonic 67
Those are some STUPID baddies. How can you hope to take down a TANK with a car??? Oh, and at 2:31 the worlds most pathetic and useless roadblock.
Darío Cervantes
I would be James Bond and Vladimir Putin would be General Ouromov
Dcstar 20
Loki: “I have an army.”\nTony Stark: “We have a Hulk.” \nBond: “Oh please...I have a tank.”
Dennis, the constitutional peasant
This is like an action movie fan's wet dream.\nAlso, thank god the producers nixed Eric Serra's score for this scene and added in some traditional Bond music.
Dragan Banic
The military and civilian  vehicles are from the seventies and eighties,the army and the police are from the forties and fifties and the movie is from the mid 90's,i love bond movies!
To hell with the Mercedes! I want the Tank! :) lol!
At 3:09 Bond drives over a cop car and you can clearly see the driver in the driver seat. Then next scene the driver crawls out of that very same car. In real he would have been dead by that tank for sure.
Grand Theft Auto Online in a nutshell
Finn Simcox
3:57 his reaction to the statue is priceless
Gabe the rabe
I love the russians 😂
drifting a tank lol love it
Great Western MGM
Earlier in the film Q says \
Herra Virtanen
Need this one XP
1:44 what the hell kind of scream is that?
John Canavi
...I thought secret agents were supposed to be subtle?
John D'Isselt
@0:02 your Uber driver is here
John G
Considering that's a T55...I believe Bond is sticking out of the loaders hatch and not the driver's hatch
Johnny Cade
Kind of optimistic. Firing 5.56 round at a tank.hoping to hit the driver
Jonathan Chen
Just one example on how to \
Josh Lawson
I think it's hilarious the amount of damage Bond caused haha XD
Justin Srivastava
at 3:10 how did that russian survive?
car chase in spectre looks laughable compared to this
Timeless scene because there is no CGI.
Kamster Rook
007 thug life
Kieran White
The high pitched whine at 1:45 always makes me laugh!
best 007 scene ever
Lawrence m
In Soviet Russia, TANKS CHASE YOU!\n\nAnd they say it's only a joke....
hahahaha funny americans
0:58\nHe: \
Manuel Ruen
3:35 they shoulda added some James Bond humor in that scene and crack open that can beer while he was chasing them!
Mark Arandjus
How is James Bond supposed to be this amazing secret agent when he brings all this attention to himself, endangers people, kills police, and does major property damage.
Mark Kinson
love it.
Max Bern
1:06 Always bring your vodka, even when being chased by a tank
Max Denton
Here in Russia, this happens every day.\nNo surprises. I have the tank is under the window. The neighbor goes to work on it.\n\n\nМеня больше удивило, сколько людей он убил, пока разносил жилые дома на своем пути. В данном случае он выглядит террористом, а не наоборот...
Daniel Craig doesn't have shit on this man
Meester Writer
I still remember this was the moment in the cinema when every single person started cheering. It was amazing.
RIP random police officers just doing their job.
I know Bond is driving a battle tank and shit, but aren't the building getting destroyed a bit TOO easily?\n\nAlso, lol, so much for being a spy, rolling over an entire russian neighbourhood with said battle tank XD
New IF Player
Nick Dzink
Huh, T-55 dressed up like T-80.
0:33 That sound always stuck with me
Gotta love that Russian hardware
Peanut Arbuckle
That was the coolest Perrier commercial I've ever seen
Watching that tank hit the water truck makes me want a bottle of Evian.
Pottor Fhasz
I can see It's a GAZ Volga variant, but can somebody tell me exactly what car the baddies driving?
Preston Massaro
I Love at 2:32 the 4 Police Cars and 2 Jeeps drive into each other and James Bond runs over all there Cars with the Tank
Probably the last good Bond movie. I say this as someone who though Skyfall was a good action movie but a band Bond movie.
I really would want to know how they did that part where Bond drives over one of the police cars almost crushing the driver. I really hope there is no stunt driver in there, cause that's really close :D
In Mother Russia, Tank drive you!
Rui Luz
This scene!!! Top!!! I wish they kept a bottle of vodka under the driver's seat, best fuel for when you want to demolish walls with a 60 tons tank!
RIP Gottfried John
Eric Serra's score was great, but I'm so glad they used a traditional arrangement of the Bond theme for this scene
If you were for some reason wondering what tank it is its a T64B
Silver Spoon
better tank scene than in fast and furious.
Stephen Wells
This is one of my favourite Bond scenes.
Suika Ibuki
You don't see THIS in the new movies, i can tell you that much right now.
T- Bird
Rest in Peace, Gottfried John. Goldeneye is my favorite Bond film and I thought he was a great villain.
There's a 3 and the tank = Half life 3 confirmed .
I really don't find the newer Bond films that good something died with them after Brosnan left the role.
Tlot Pwist
I have a hard time remembering a scene this memorable in the Craig's Bond movies :(
Turbo Flan
At 1:03 what's up with that blue line?
Vladimir Koryachek
When Вадим steals your Slav girl but he does not know that you own a tank
I think it's safe to say that he didn't beat the 1:45 time.
ok, this is one of the BEST action sequences of all time, absolutely incredible .. the amount of money, effort spent on this is out of this world
Someone should go to a race track and drift tanks \u003c3
bob johnson
0:07 James Bond's head is right beside a ton of reactive armor, i.e. exploding blocks;  Why don't they just shoot at the tank with a pistol to detonate the armor?
Wrecks half a major city in a Russian tank ... remembers to straighten tie knot afterwards.
I love how he straight up runs over multiple police cars, yet they always make a point of showing the officers getting out of the wreckage. Look at 3:08 - Are Russian cops cast from stainless steel?
t54 55 ? can't tell it kinda looks mocked up to be something different
jose correa
best chase scene ever , 2018 still awesome ...this is legendary
1:03 blue lines?
I just wonder how they got the permission to drive the damn tank on the streets of Moscow and cause so much carnage...the producing team must have paid a good money to Moscow authorities for this scene to materialize
kossa gubben
That's badass! -Danny Devito
marsel egan
I bet James Bond it's like a regular GTA online player
mr bojangles
GTA VI anyone
Tank drift... LMFAO
Every bond film should have a tank chase in it
saluspraha saluspraha
The best commercial for russian tanks :D
Funny no civilian casualties
sourabh sharma
he is real ever...daniel craig can't match pierce ever
support group
*Girl - \
Алексей Шмульке
красные орки в действии :D
Никита Мельниченко
Usual scene. In Russia I can see this every day