The Devils Brood - Episode 1 | Plantagenets | BBC Documentary


After Henry II forges a mighty empire including England and France, his sons Richard the Lionheart and John turn on their father ...Нове

- BBC News


Googles Chief executive Sundar Pichai went in front of US Congress to defend his company to lawmakers. He faced questions ...Нове

BBC: Зачем нам Луна? / Brauchen Wir Den Mond? (2011)


BBC: Зачем нам Луна? / რას წარმოადგენს მთვარე დედამიწისთვის? (რუს ენაზე) / Brauchen Wir Den Mond?...

What Theresa May faces now - BBC News


UK Prime Minister Theresa May will face a vote of no confidence in her leadership later on Wednesday. The vote will be held from ...Нове

An English Empire - Episode 2 | Plantagenets | BBC Documentary


The royal dynasty attempts to control more of the British Isles and win back land in France. In this golden age of chivalry, a clear ...Нове

BBC: В поисках библейской истины (2014) / 1 серия


1 серия - BBC: В поисках библейской истины / Bible Hunters (2014) Режиссер: Тильман Ремм Ведущй: Джеффри Роуз ...

Ferdi Coming Fast talks his music career, the cyclist, brexit and fame


Reece Parkinson talks to viral sensation Ferdi, who rose to fame after a video of him being hit by a cyclist was uploaded to social ...Нове

Дети средневековья HD (Документальный фильм BBC на русском)


Документальный фильм BBC на русском. Дети средневековья HD . 1450 год. Англия на пороге гражданской войны, и...

Saving the world from plastic - BBC Click


As UN climate change talks get underway, Click asks if policy or technology will save the world. Subscribe HERE ...Нове

Brexit deal : Theresa May calls off MPs vote to rescue deal। BBC Duniya with Vidit (BBC Hindi)


ब्रेक्सिट डील को बचाने के लिए ब्रितानी पीएम टेरीज़ा मे यूरोप के दौरे पर,...Нове

Theresa May wins confidence vote - BBC News


Theresa May survives a vote of confidence in her leadership (200 voted for, 117 voted against). She needed to secure at least 159 ...Нове

Theresa May calls off MPs vote on her Brexit deal - BBC News


Theresa May says she has called off Tuesdaywould be rejected by a ...Нове

Theresa Mays full statement - BBC News


In a statement in Downing Street, Mrs May said: . She said a new prime minister ...Нове

Embattled May faces PMQs ahead of crucial vote - BBC News


Theresa May is on her feet and answering the first question at Prime Ministers Questions. There is laughter as she says she may ...Нове

Damian Green: To undermine the prime minister is - BBC Newsnight


Theresa May ally, Damian Green, says Subscribe ...Нове

BBC Как устроена природа - Пастбища


На планете Земля обитает более десяти миллионов биологических видов. Но в одиночку им выжить не удастся....